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>>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. welcome to a new edition of "right this minute," the best videos of the day, starting right now. >> a man who lost everything in a fire is billed for his charred cable boxes and said when he called the cable company. >> he was given the customer service run around. >> i was on the phone for an hour and a half and transferred 14 different times. >> now meet the man whose internet rant has hit a hot button. >> don't send it to collections. talk to me. you knew about the fire. >> talk about your extreme u-turn. >> how did that happen? >> you didn't see it. neither did the driver. >> we'll clear up the mystery of the ford focus. >> glove and boots make great web videos. >> this time they got a special request from a fan. >> how they helped this guy get off the couch and on to his knee. >>> and hear the story of a little boy and his two-headed snake. >> creepy, that's all i'm going to say. never seen one of those things. creepy. >> back on february 10th of this year a guy named jared seltzer lost his home and everything in it in a fire. if that's
>>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman and we have a new half hour of the best videos of the day. hang out with us and we'll keep you up to date on all the videos that everyone's going to be talking about, "right this minute"! >>> it's a new seattle landmark 17 stories high. and -- >> this guy's going to climb it. >> how cops are tracking video clues to find a stealth spider-man. >> road hazard alert as road drivers blow through red lights. now hear the secret behind those traffic cams. >> are the police able to track that driver down? >> oh, yeah. wee use the videos all the time. >> a predator in a store targets a woman in a skirt. >> the worst kind of predators because they're cowards. >> see how she busted the sicko with a cam ranchts and it's bear versus wolf. but -- >> just when you think the bear has won this battle. >> you'll see the real reason behind the standoff on the shore. >>> video has surfaced of a brazen daredevil, and it is about to go viral. >> we got this story from our friends at cairo, the seattle great twheel just opened over the summer. it's 175 feet tall and it'
girlfriend beth and i would like to propose. >> okay. >> i hate public proposals but i hope mario and fafa can do it right. >> anthony and beth's daughter sit on their couch. he calls beth to come over, hey, the guys have a new blog. >> beth. >> of course. >> anthony wanted to surprise her. >> you're the inspiration by chicago. >> oh. they used a chicago song. >> the best part was the gorilla opening the ring box ever so slowly. ♪ here with me from tonight until the end of time ♪ >> no, the best part is the actual proposal right here. >> and he proposed to the throne room from "stars wars episode 4". >> will you marry me? >> we couldn't hear it but she said yes. >> they put some production into this. that is well done. >> when are we going to get tapped to do a proposal video for somebody. >> let's put this out there. if anyone is thinking about getting married or proposing. >> hit us up. >> i want to marry them. >>> wer skiing squirrel. ♪ >>> steven paul larson goes into a sitgo gas station in florida, t-shirt pulled over his head and he's demanding money from the clerk. reaches int
♪ >>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." >>> when the crime tape is up, that means you stay out. >> see that man right there? >> how a baby got caught in the middle of a couple's big mistake. >> why are they doing this? >>> it's a san fran scam. cops say beware of anyone telling you -- >> you've stepped in blood. >> hear why that's not the weirdest part of this con. >>> grandma celebrates a football victory with -- >> the good old beer bong. >> see the move that scored with the crowd. >>> and talk about cute kids. one born in ethiopia sings an american classic. while another gets an early halloween scare. >>> when you see yellow crime police tape, you're not supposed to cross it like this couple did. >> [ bleep ]. >> stop. >> police in california were investigating a fatal stabbing and talking to this couple to get info from them so they could send them home on their way. the couple wasn't cooperating fully. >> so you could see there the woman is being taken down by police because she crossed the police tape. see that man
so unusual. ♪ >> and when the song stops, the crying starts. snoets gangnam style ♪ >> i'm beth troutman. see all these great videos and more starting "right this minute." >>> go to nampa, idaho, where police officers respond to a home where a child welfare check. i have to warn you it is graphic and tough to watch. each officer has a camera attached to his body and are walking up to a partly open door. >> police department. >> instead of two children -- >> dogs. >> oh, my gosh. >> this video you see the brown dog run away. the white dog 2 years old pit bull was killed in this incident. the police department says the officers tried to fend off the dog the best they could. they had to make a split-second decision. now keep in mind, the white dog junior, also bit through a can of mace during this attack. the news station caught up with the family, of course, upset about this.Ñi >> great dog. never hurt nobody. real sweet dog. >> the dog's owner is a man named tony o'hare. >> we don't live in the best neighborhood. i have two young daughters. >> he says look, i have these dogs to
>>> hi, i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." >>> it's called the ride of the century, and bikers love it. but cops. >> they said, no more of that. >> the culture clash that's more than a bump in the road for this tradition. >>> a bonding experience hits the rough patch. >> oh! >> see the trouble on one family trip. >>> a deer goes all track and field, until a kangaroo decides it's time for boxing in an epic -- animal on animal battle. >> see if the pouch beats the headbutt. >>> and a video poses the question. >> why do men cheat? >> oh! >> why do you cheat? >> hear what women think while the guys fire back. >> fights it up. >>> nearly 2,000 motorcycle riders descended on st. louis, missouri, for the annual ride of the century. it's put on by a group called the street fighters motorcycle club. they're a freestyle stunt team. riders from all over the country came to st. louis for this ride. police are riding right along with these guys. >> like an escort. >> kind of does. until the police pull this move. none of the riders pay attention
have on your website. beth what doou got? >> submitted fro a memb nam the t zachary. >> and he's autistic. >> spent his entire summer creating this animated between cat and dog. so well done. >> impressive. you might remember back in june somebody create add miami zombie attack prank video. >> i remember that. >> well, our friends from empire remade it. appears as though zombies are in columbus as well. zombies, head over to the website and click -- >> best of "rtm." >>> when the weather's hot outside you have to be real careful when you take your dog with you, let's say to a festival. seems that somebody was at a street fair of some type when they took their dog and their dog clearly got into a little trouble here. >> oh, man. what's wrong with him? >> that dog, she clearly looks like she's got heat exhaustion. >> look how hard she's breathing. >> yes. dogs don't sweat like we do. maybe a little through their paws but they pant to cool themselves off to bring in cooler air, but when it's like 85 to 90 degrees, that's when dogs really have a hard time cooling themselves off. bu
was not a temple university student. they're currently using this video to try to identify other suspects. >> beth, this video makes me think young people don't have any clue how to party. i'll tell you who does. this grand. after an io hawkeye soldier field recently, check this out. a bunch of party people here in the parking lot. they see this grandma coming by in her car. they hand her the good old beer bong. >> go granny, go. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> she drank that thing like a boss. >> the guy holding the beer bong is loving it. look at the smile on his face. >> even after they drive away, everyone's still just in a frenzy about what just happened. >> well, they're happy because they're thinking, when i'm old, i'll still be able to party. >> she proved age, just a state of mind. >>> who doesn't like a nice short stack from i-hop? >> absolutely. >> like this little guy. this deer crashed through the window of this i-hop one early morning. >> oh, boy. >> i think he really wanted a short stack. >> yeah, it doesn't look like the place was open. >> you're right. he roamed around. he went int
't involved, i'm assuming harlan and beth [inaudible]. reviewed and understood that. >> that is not what we agreed to. we agreed to a 5 year term with a 2 year opener, which gives us the option of making adjustments depending on the n aa contract. >> the only thing about that, if you read section 5 where it says if, by september 22015,... (reading). such and such, so, that language doesn't make any sense if this is not a reappointment. >> no, this is very wrong. [laughter] do you want the [inaudible] version? [laughter]. this is the last version. but, there's obviously a misunderstanding and i can't see what it is. >> i'm trying to think of the best way to resolve that. we had worked with beth in your office. if she is around, if we could reframe that by the ends of is this meeting. >> that's a great way to proceed, i'll give her a text message right now and see if she can come over. >> we will continue that item until later in the meeting. my apologies to everyone for that confusion. mr. president? >> i also noticed another typo on exhibit a.. it's almost funny. the paragraph ends
and is walking across america. he calls his walk dude track and beth parker caught up with him as he passed through his home state of maryland. >> reporter: with one change of clothes, a map on his belt, and a magic of music, this maryland's kid is hitting the road. >> my name is jonah blair, i'm 18 years old and i'm hiking the american discovery trail. >> reporter: walking alone the long miles between delaware and san francisco. >> and this is over 5,000. >> reporter: the reason? >> i wanted to do something. i wanted to have an adventurous moment in my life. >> reporter: when he graduated in june, he decided to postpone college. >> my mom, like her first instinct was like you're crazy, you're going to college. >> reporter: mom came around a bit and dude trek, as he calls it, started a week ago. >> he gets a lot of questions. >> what are you doing, who are you, what is dude trek and why do you smell so bad? >> i have gone three days without a shower so far. >> a lucky day? >> yeah. >> i was a runner and up to my running for a while. >> reporter: he camps most nights and occasionally bunks w
is on the menu of the school travel ker -- cafeteria? they're helping decide. i'm beth parker. that story is coming up. up. . >> i'm sue palka. are you wondering when we can ditch the tropical humidity out of the area? i will let you know when we see a change in the weather pattern. lindsay, we don't want to see any changes in sports. so much is going on. >> and there is no humidity anymore. please. coming up in sports, the nats are doing serious yardwork. we'll look at the home run yesterday and robert griffin iii said he's ready for the real thing this sunday. is he nervous for the big debut? that answer is next.  anncr: this casino's in n west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools
>>> hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's friday that means an all-new "rtm" countdown. our pick of the day's best videos, "right this minute." >>> hikers spot a long, dark shaft with a furry surprise. that is a koala. see why it took more than one rescue to get to the happy ending. >> oh! >> firefighters face exploding glass, searing heat and flames to rescue a pregnant woman and a child. see the helmetcam footage that captures exactly -- >> a brave guy going into a burning building. >> you feel like you're there, li you're a part of it. >> taabe. flying toe mamato is his fear of facial hair. >> sometimes you got to let something go. >> and it may look like this guy has the best job in the world, but see why the topless trampoline circuit isn't all it's cracked up to be. >> why didn't i see the -- >> let's start counting down today's best videos. we have a fantastic number one, but first at number ten, a bear of a fall. >> you're out on a nature walk. you see this mine shaft. what are you supposed to do if you're at the university in victoria, australia? go down in it. >> y
>>> hi, everyone. welcome to "right this minute." i'm beth troutman, and we have videos first. some folks giving a tv interview suddenly spot something. >> that's what he was, buddy was looking at. >> it's a naked guy. >> find out about the mystery man who walked out of the woods. >>> the video shows an army sergeant undergoing what some call a rite of passage. see what happens when the right goes way wrong. >>> a car is behind a construction crane that's -- >> making a left-hand turn. >> how in the world does that happen? >>> and the saga of an elephant seal who lives up to her name. this is snickers. snickers -- >> has eaten a lot of snickers. >>> when the cameras are rolling, as we all know, anything can happen. oh, boy. something definitely happened when a crew from kark out of little rock, arkansas, was interviewing this lovely elderly couple about some recent severe weather. >> what is this out here we got? >> that's what he was, buddy was looking at. >> i ought to sick buddy on him. >> they're obviously distracted by something behind the camera, talking about buddy, who's the
>>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. welcome to "right this minute." all new videos and the stories behind them starting right now. >>> a player in a soccer game spots a small object. >> he picks something up that somebody threw on the field. >> see what happened next that threw everybody -- >> oh! >>> a deer is trapped for hours in a fence. >> they're resilient, these deer. >> how some truckers pulled off the rescue and a little rehab. >>> "west wing" fans reunite. >> people aren't voting. >> one of the stars revealed the real story behind the viral hit. >> how did they get all of you to take time out of your busy schedules to do this? >> well, we're all unemployed and broke. >>> and if parachuting just isn't extreme enough, you've got to try swooping. >> there is a little wreck here. >> that's calmed a swoop. >> oh! >>> international soccer fans, they're passionate about their sport, we know that and known to maybe throw some stuff on the field. garbage, beer bottles, whatever. this video crosses the line, though, and i think you'll agree with me. this is sduring an asian champion
ago. >> reporter: reverend sarah beth -- fox 5's acquisition ago. >> reporter: reverend sarah beth goodwin says her church is a place of peace with open doors offering help to anyone. >> anyone who wants to walk through the doors is welcome. >> reporter: reverend goodwin was inside the church around 12:30 last saturday when a gunman followed a man inside, demanded him to the ground, took his cash and iphone. >> i was finishing up and happened to walk out when i found the assault in action. so he pointed the gun at me and i left. i left and called 911. >> reporter: as police released these pictures and video, they hope the suspect will be caught. reverend goodwin hopes this incident doesn't leave a lasting impression. she plans to speak about it sunday at services. >> we've been lucky up till now that we have not had any kind of an assault like this before. so we'll just talk about it-ly and we we'll probably be a little bit -- honestly and we'll probably be a little bit more vigilant watching for peach other. >> reporter: the reverend believes the robbery was random. if any good
into this business, she didn't realize quite what she had in her hands. i'm beth parker. it turns out to be a painting by one of the world's most famous artists. >> looking forward to that one. and i'm sue palka. we have a gorgeous thursday afternoon and evening ahead. will we keep this trend going into the weekend? i'll have the forecast for you in moments. lindsey, what is up in sports. >> coming up in sports, the nats are off while the orioles need extra innings. and the redskins prep for a team they have become quite familiar with. those stories later in sports. >> and if you have a story idea, there is the number and the e-mail address. we'll be right back.  >> deciding whether to expand gambling in national harbor. it could be a landing spot for the new casino. mgm wants to build the casino so today it opened an information center. the information center will be open to the public and represents there to introduce the mgm brand to the residents of the county and state. >> drivers are getting a break in montgomery county. no longer issuing late fees on speed or red lig
-pounds on his back and a sensitive adventure. he calls this walk dude trek. and beth parker caught up with him. >> reporter: with one change of clothes, a map on his belt and the magic of music, this maryland kid is hitting the road. >> my name is jonah blair, i'm 18 years old, and i'm hiking the american discovery trail. >> reporter: walking alone the long miles between delaware and san francisco. >> just over 5,000. >> reporter: the reason? >> i knowed to do something. i wanted to have an-and- venturous moment in my life -- to have an adventurous moment in my life. >> reporter: when he graduated in june, he decided to postpone college. >> my mom -- mom, her first instinct, you're crazy and going to college. >> reporter: mom came around a bit and dude trek started a week ago and he gets a lot of questions. >> how are you doing, what is dude trek what are you -- why do you smell so bad? >> i have gone three days without a shower so far. >> our lucky day? >> yes, it is. >> i was a runner and up to my running for awhile. >> reporter: he camps most nights and occasionally bunks with frie
>>> hi, i'm beth troutman. welcome to another edition of "right this minute." we have the best videos of the day and the stories behind them starting right now. >> a woman who lost 160 pounds exposes the hidden side of dieting. >> she took photos of herself nude. >> what she's hoping will come from her candid self-portrait. >> she's got lights and sirens on and the deputy's car it's unmarked. >> colorado cops chase a teen doing 90. >> in a jail trans port vehicle. >> hear the crazy low-speed story that led to the high-speed chase. >> rescuers trying to free a hump back whale spot dolphins jumping nearby. >> almost like they're rooting for their big buddy. >> the story behind the astounding sights. >> and the internet has a new target. >> the nfl replacement refs. >> let the parodies begin. >> ♪ whistle baby >>> julia of milwaukee repeatedly lost half her weight. she was 338 pounds. but she documented her weight loss in afá photo project she called [ inaudible ].fá this photo proj%? she posed nude. this whole thing started with her taking photos of herself in changing rooms
>>> hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos and the stories behind them. let's get started, "right this minute." >>> a swedish train station is the setting for -- >> the most despicable act you may ever see. >> how a good samaritan turned out to be a sinister thug. >> this person can't even be called a person. this is an animal. >> i like animals. this isn't even an animal. >> trash update. no one can believe this guy survives and now -- >> we actually spoke to the man in the accident. >> hear how he's doing and meet the shocked driver who witnessed the whole thing. >> next thing i knew he comes flying over my shoulder. >>d moose calf gets tangled in barbed wire. >> look how it is struggling. >> see the hero who saved the day bare handed. >> oh, my gosh he did it. >>> it's not the most original prank but it's always a good one. >> come on now what the [ bleep ] sitting up here -- >> see why many who became butts of the joke were not amused. >> i'm kind of scared of that lady in the red pants. >> right. ever have a stomach ache around her. >>> you guys are abou
almond slices for your taste buds. >>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. welcome to an all new edition of "right this minute." the best videos of the day and stories behind them starting right now. >>> a fishing team hooks a big tiger shark. when a bigger shark comes along and says -- >> i think i'll have a bite of that. >> meet the captain whose never seen anything like this before. >> i can't say i have. >> cops violently take down two men and then take them to jail. >> but guards there said they need medical treatment. >> what cops are accused of doing instead is one shocking story. >>> the video may look like a staged accident. >> you think that never happens. >> it most definitely did happen. it's hardly fun and games. >>> and a man stuns perfect strangers with his mind reading ability. >> you spent 200 years on alcohol. >> now see the secret behind the secret keeper. >> wow. >>> about 20 miles off the shore of bermuda, captain alan card and his son, big fish bermuda, a fishing team. they hook themselves a 7 foot tiger shark. alan's son ian has a go pro camera attached to a fishin
>>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day and, of course, the stories behind them, "right this minute". >>> like to buy a ticket we would be glad to sell you one. >> how much? >> would you like to buy a ticket. >> a couple with tickets to a packers game is outraged. >> their 2-month-old baby requires a ticket as well. >> the story that's striking a nerve on the internet. >> this is unbelievable. >> a vintage aircraft takes flight when suddenly. >> the plane seemed to lose lift. >> [ bleep ]. >> the close call for an old war horse. >> a dairy queen is the scene of an -- >> inedib edcredible welcome ho moment. >> as a soldier surprises his brother at work. >> shut up right now. shut up. >> and we're checking in with e-bomb's world for a store surveillance video of the smelly kind. >> oh! >>> nfl football season is under way but i found a video posted on youtube raising a few eyebrows. >> this is unbelievable. >> would you like to buy a ticket. >> at lambeau field, home of the green bay packers, during their thursday night football game last w
>>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and welcome to an all-new edition of "right this minute," the best videos of the day and the stories behind them starting right now. >>> get off the car. get off the car! >> a cabbie attacked by a customer finally talks about it. >> he says he remembers every punch. >> i thought about unbuckling my seat belt. that would have meant taking one of my arms down and i couldn't sacrifice that at the moment. >> how the attack has left a lasting scar. we've got the saga of a family's missing dog, and there's a moral to this story. >> you've got to be a real jerk to steal someone's puppy. >> but it's where the trail led cops, that's the real shocker. >> going to get 'em! >>> see a wedding celebration saudi-style. >> are they worried a be dying, ruining these expensive cars, are they worried about, you know, anything? >>> and witness the miracle of birth. >> guys, don't be nervous. >> because mama dolphin knows what she's doing. >> oh! >> ooh. >>> get off cart. get out of the car. >> this brutal beating captured by a camera inside a taxicab in surf
. >> see a life hack banana peeling solution right this minute. >>> beth, i got a couple of remarkable dash cam videos for you. this one from china. up ahead there's a large construction crane on a flatbed truck making a left-hand turn. watch what happens with it this dash cam. the dash cam starts to float around and spin around. >> what's going on? >> the car somehow got snagged by the crane hook as it came around the corner. right now the car is just along for the ride, hanging behind this crane. i have no idea how it got hooked up, but you see the horizon tilt back and forth. you see his mug go sliding. then he swings back around to the crane. >> how in the world does that happen? >> i have no idea, but i'm glad it didn't happen to us. >> the moped guy drives by like, oh, i just saw this yesterday. >> yeah, wild. >>> here's anot w people should have dash cam. >> he just ran and hopped on the hood of that car to pretend that car hit him? >> exactly. he tried to create a pedestrian accident for an insurance scam. throws himself on the hood in possibly the worst acting you've ever seen on c
i'm beth troutman. welcome to another all new edition of "right this minute." that means great videos and the stories behind them starting right now. >>> a driver rolled up behind two cyclists and -- >> continues to honk the horn. >> i have no idea what this guy is doing. >> what's behind the scary encounter with an angry road hog and why cops want to track this guy down. it starts as a breezy day and then the wind starts to pick up. how it went to hail in a hand basket in seconds. >> you can't see anything. >>> texting is blamed for -- >> 100,000 accidents a year. >> see the new way to drive home the danger. >>> and some tubers take a big wave. >> he's in a kung fu movie. >> a tubing trip turns into a flying lesson. >>> i have a feeling this video will get on your nerves really fast. watch this, two guys are out for a bike ride in boulder county, colorado. sunday morning bike ride supposed to be relaxes when this happened. an suv pulls up, refuses to pass these guys, and just very annoyingly continues to honk the horn. >> i have no idea what this guy is doing. i'm riding right
>>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's a brand new week and that means a brand new edition of "right this minute," the best videos and stories behind them and it all starts right now. >>> when shots ring out in seattle a news photographer heads straight into a terrifying scene. >> this guy is a true professional. >> hear what it's like to be smack in the action. >> yeah. it was pretty wild. >> toby keith surprises a fan by saluting her soldier husband. >> what's his name? >> keith. >> see why the musical tribute wasn't the big surprise. >>> a little girl with autism starts doing ballet moves for her parents. >> and then one day it occurred to them, wait a minute. >> those are no ordinary moves. we've got the astounding story. plus, cottonmouth versus rattlesnake see who gets a brutal eat down and learn the secrets to slo mo smashesi from the master. >> i'm gallagher and you're watching "right this minute." >>> i have a story for you our viewers in seattle have been following. i wanted to share it with everybody else. a photo journalist from kiro tv was on assignment, coveri
, and we've got two hoppers, we've got beth and eric, attempting to break a world record. the world's longest hopscotch. >> how long are they hopping for? >> long way to go. >> 4.2 miles. of hopscotch. >> yeah. that's impressive. >> even more so, it's impressive someone took chalk for four miles and made a hopscotch thing for four miles. >> they take their hopscotching seriously. >> hop, hop, two. hop, hop, two. see what i'm saying. >> i thought there was a stone you had to throw. >> throw the stone f it lands in the square you can't step in that square. >> they omitted the stone throwing. >> this is hopping. beth was the hopper in the lead of this entire event and people did join them on the hop scotch board at different points. but these two were the only two that did it the entire 4.2 miles. >> about to set the world record. >> they're setting videos to to get the official confirmation that this is a hopscotch world record. [ applause ] >>> i believe this is hidden camera video of rocky the flying squirrel. >> yes. he's real. this is the proof. ♪ >> oh! >> wait
in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] ♪ >>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. welcome to an all new edition of "right this minute." the best videos of the day and the stories behind them starting right now. caught between the sfran street scar and a bus, a subaru is crumbled while -- >> a woman and small child were inside. >> the woman's husband is hoping video he sent to us can help. >> something to prevent this from happening again. >> an african cheetah decides to go. >> face to face with some of the people on this safari. >> oh! >> no way. >> meet the cat who's a real crowd pleaser. >> he's posing. >> we've got rav skateboarding tricks for two. >> never seen this. i'm totally impressed. >> see the behind-the-scenes practice sessions that didn't go too well. bro. >> and making a fashion statement with. >> the sandals. >> is this new fall look a hit or miss. >> th looks like orts immediatic shoes for llen arches. >>> new video surfaced of an accident that happened august 3rd in san francisco. the video was unloaded on by one of our viewers who use
, like, i'll just take a look at this. >> i was a little suspicious, because beth troutman was very happily showing this video of topless women jumping on a trampoline. it smells like a fish. like a rotten fish. >> like we're about to learn something here. seeing boobs. >> i wouldn't have believed this, beth if i hadn't seen him in "bridesmaids." >> i would hope so. if you want to find out more about male breast cancer, download our information and security at topless female trampolining world championships dotcom. >>> today's runner-up, our number two video, tell us what you think what's going on here. this one is for facebook. >> it's official. this next video totally freaks me out and i'm hope wung of you guys can explain or maybe one of our "right this minute" viewers. apparently this is in frankfurt germany and this is a hovering monk. now, i've looked at this a number of times and trying to think of any possible way this is some kind of crazy magic trick, and i'm glad you guys have ideas, because i am all fresh out. >> i know what's going on here. >> tell us. >> this is -- the
>>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman and this is the show that brings you all the day's best videos and the stories behind them. a whole new season starts. >>> a driver hangs on for dear life as rescuers try to get to him before the water does. >> this is an incredibly dangerous mission. >> hear what it was like in the middle of this flash flood. >> you can imagine this thing. one wrong move. rescuers in the water. >> cops chase down a reckless driver going a whopping 4 miles per hour. >> how an unconscious man and toddler in the back make this case a little diff. >>> a group that takes on tough dog rescues is back at it and this time -- >> it's baby and bet. >> how one very patient dude coaxes two scared pups to safety. >>> plus a proposal where the surprises just keep coming. >>> and woman sleepwalks her way straight on to youtube. now meet the son who made mom a star. >> my mom would have probably killaled me. >> take a look at this video. houma, arizona has seen a lot of this over the weekend watching it play out liveup see clearly in chris video, there's something stuck. this i
>>> hi, i'm beth and we have great videos "right this minute." cops wrestle a driver to the ground after he took a little something and put it in his mouth. see what happens that had him staring down the e. of a taser. a bunch of guys are out for a motorcycle ride -- >> and something pops out. >> how a whiteout caused a wipeout. who are you going to call when you discover there's a kitten stuck in my drainpipe? see the clever thing that did them going -- >>> plus, wigs made out of water and a dangerous game with great balls of fire. it's like dance, dance revolution with flames. >> no. >>> our first video is dash cam footage from a utah highway patrol car. >> spit it out! >> you can see this one trooper punching over and over and over again. the taser in this incident was even used twice, according to reports. now, the man who was being detained by police is todd may. he's 48 years old. now, according to police, may was pulled over for a traffic violation. during that stop, a woman who was with may told troopers that may had methamphetamines in his possession. in the beginning of t
>>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day and the stories behind them, "right this minute." >> put up the window! put it up! >> a car sinks like a rock at a reservoir. listen to what's going on in the background. you see the panic to figure out who was in the back seat as the car started to sink. they never bothered this crazy cameraman before, but on this time, the shark changed course. >> and did come right for him. >> hear what the cameraman did right to survive a great white. >>> a hip-hop drummer has a terrible bike accident right before a big gig. so he says -- >> you know what? i think i'm still going to play. >> the wheelchair performance that was a fan favorite. >> got up and one foot moved. >>> and running from a bull. he should have done it as soon as the bull was released. the video that should be titled, "sorry, bro. it's too late." >>> we're going to get our show started today with a frightening moment caught on camera. >> wow! ah -- >> [ bleep ]. >> wow, that went down quick. >> went down incredibly quickly. at the bear river
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